Looking for that 'wow' factor?

Add the ‘wow’ factor to your home or place of business with a rustic wood table or intriguing stained-glass window.

We create functional art

Some call it wooden tables or lead glass windows, most people call it art. We do more than create tables and windows; we create functional art that adds a sense of elegance and beauty.

Each piece remarkable

Every piece we create is unique and remarkable. Whether it’s the sheer size of our rustic tables or the beautiful display of sunlight shining through a stain-glass window; it will probably take your breath away.

Rustic wood

Whether it’s our living-edge tables, stunning roof trusses or lintels; most people look in awe when they first see it. The sheer weight and the rough, earthy (though finished to perfection) look of every piece, immediately draws attention.

Read more about our custom-made, rustic wood tables and beams creations. 

Lead glass windows

Add colour and elegance to your home with beautifully designed stained-glass windows and lamps.

We work with any combination of stained, frosted, clear and bevelled glass when creating these pieces of art. 

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Artistic sandblasting

Add your own creative touch to any room. A well-planned sandblasted window or two will brighten up even the dullest of rooms.

Have you ever considered have your company logo sandblasted on your shop window? It is a great way to build brand awareness.

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Client feedback

We are as good at listening to your ideas as we are at creating what you desire.

In keeping with the character of the old farmhouse, Hester was commissioned to design and make lead glass windows for old Oregan double doors that would be highly visible and a center point of the farmstead. 
With the clever use of different textured glass and bevelled inserts, Hester created a work of art.

David Muller

Arangieskop Guesthouse

The picture I had in my mind came to fruition. My plan, my idea happened. It exists. It was successful.
The colour, texture and sizes were all to my exact specifications. I received the type of quality that a shelf product cannot deliver.

Bruno de Robillard


When I approached Edco, I just had a vague idea about the lamp I wanted. Hester and Eduard were able to identify exactly what I was looking for.
Their teamwork and lots of patience resulted in my beautiful lamp. A lamp which I previously thought was not possible to make.

Magdel Louw

Incredibly satisfied with our stained glass. It is exactly what we had in mind. The unique design and traditional way in which the lead glass was made is a highlight.
Will definitely recommend Edco. Their service was excellent and their insight outstanding.  

Marni de Villiers

Marni de Villiers Landscaping

Every piece custom made

We don’t carry any pre-made stock. Every piece we create is done to each client’s specific requirements. This ensures that you’ll get exactly what you want for your home or office.

Every piece unique

Whether you are looking for a table or a stained glass or sandblasting creation, you are assured of something unique; something that doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s.

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