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Brighten up the room or create privacy

A sandblasted window will brighten up a dull corner of your home or office and will also discreetly create privacy from prying eyes.

Creative design

We do more than just create everyday images on glass. We make creative pieces of functional art.

Exquisite logo

We can recreate your company’s existing logo on glass to be display in an exquisite fashion.

No mass production

Our main focus with sandblasting is to create pieces of art that will impact peoples’ lives.

Discreet privacy

Sandblasted glass, when combined with the right design, is the discreet way to block prying eyes.

Sandblasted windows

Whether used on windows, door inserts, glass partitions or shower doors, sandblasting can be both creative and effective.

Brighten up

Adding a sandblasted design or pattern on a window or two will brighten up a dull area of your home or place of business.

Make a statement

Show clients how much you believe in your company. Make a statement with your sandblasted company name and logo. This will attract attention and help build your brand.

A creative way to ensure privacy

Whether it is to create privacy through a partly-sandblasted shower door or block prying at your place of business, sandblasted glass does so with style.

Lead glass and sandblasting

Let us create something unique for you by combining the art of leadwork and sandblasted glass.

Modern and creative

We’ll use a combination of lead glass and the sandblasting to create something modern and functional.

Your personal touch

Add your own personal touch to any room with one of our custom-designed lead glass and sandblasting table, hanging or wall-mounted lamps.

Don't see what you have in mind?

Contact us and tell us what you are looking for. We love creating something that challenges us creatively.

Sandblasting on bottles

Celebrate that special occasion in style. Let us sandblast your company name and logo on bottles filled with your product to make the occasion to more memorable.

Excellent gifts

Bottles and other gifts mean so much more when your company name and logo is sandblasted on it.

Colour fill

You have a choice between the standard matt finish or adding a colour fill or two to any sandblasted design.

Trophies and other gifts

We can also sandblast your logo and company name on trophies and other gifts.

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