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The beauty of nature captured forever

We create rustic wood tables and beams that celebrate each tree’s uniqueness.

Solid wood slabs

No man-made lines, no pieces glued together. One solid piece of wood — just as nature intended.

Huge rustic tables

The sheer size of our rustic tables, roof rafters and lintels will take your breath away.

Every piece unique

We don’t do mass production. Whether it’s a table, rafters or lintels, we’ll create a unique article for you.

Custom made

Every piece is handmade to fit your specific requirements. We don’t carry any pre-made stock.

Rustic wood tables

Impress your friends with one of our unique tables. Every table top is crafted from a single slab of wood while keeping as much of the original wood’s character as possible— just as nature intended.

Living-edge tables

We keep the natural lines of some edges, allowing the contours of the tree to determine the final shape.

As nature intended

We don’t hide knots and other inclusions found in the wood; we celebrate each tree’s uniqueness.

Every table unique

No two tables we create look the same. Your rustic table and matching base will be unique.

Made to last

The thick, heavy table top ensures that your table can last for generations to come.

A special table for those special family memories

Just imagine the good times you’ll enjoy with friends and family around your own rustic table. What a great way for creating many wonderful memories.

Gum tree roof trusses and beams

Give your home that spacious, barn-like feeling of having an open loft with our thick, much-admired, solid gum tree beams.

Warm atmosphere

The texture and colour of the wood creates warmth and will add to the ambience of the room. 

Custom lengths

We will provide roof beams cut to the exact lengths and dimensions you require.

Planning on building a new house?

Contact us or ask your architect to get in touch with us before finalizing your ideas and building plans.

Solid wood lintels

Use our strong, solid gum tree lintels instead of concrete lintels that must be hidden behind plaster and paint.

Visible lintels

Add warmth and character to any room with our stunning wood lintels.

Add beauty

Why limit yourself to furniture when you can benefit even more from the beauty of wood in your home? 

Enhance your fireplace or braai-area

Add one of our wood lintels to your fireplace or braai-area to give it a unique look and feel.

Types of wood

We don’t work with stained pine. We mainly use wood from mature white and red eucalyptus trees, celebrating the wood’s natural beautiful colour.

Mobile sawmill

Do you already have a felled tree that you want us to use? We can travel to where the felled tree is and cut the wood for your table, lintels or beams on the spot.

Sourcing of wood

Do you have any particular type of wood you would like us to use? We can source the wood needed to complete your order.


We use wood from invasive trees, such as gum trees, or storm-damaged or problem trees that had to be removed for most of our products.

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