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Add elegance to your home

Enjoy the beauty of sunlight projecting the warm, rich colours of the glass across the room.

Beautiful windows

The rich colours we use, enhanced by the sunlight shining through it, creates impressive functional art.

Creative design

Our creation can be based on your own design or we can create a design especially for you.

Traditional leadwork

We use the traditional method of doing leadwork to create products that looks luxurious, rich and warm.

Custom made

Every piece is handmade to fit your specific requirements. We don’t carry any pre-made stock.

Stained glass windows

Express yourself with a lead glass window or stained-glass door inserts. We’ll design and create something unique just for you, something that says, “This is who I am.”

Modern design

We can create abstract designs to match the interior of your home or create the look and feel you desire.

Rich, warm colours

The richness and warmth of the colours we use will brighten up and enhance any room.

Traditional design

We can also create a design that follows the more traditional lines of leadwork such as flowers or other aspects of nature.

Adding value

Our stained-glass windows will add value and beauty to any property for many years to come.

Textured and bevelled glass

You are not limited to only using coloured glass. We can create something unique and beautiful for you using a combination of clear, textured and bevelled glass.

Creative design

We’ll create a design that compliments your interior and enhances the atmosphere of your home or place of business.

Talked-about feature

The use of a well-designed combination of various types of glass could soon become the much-talked-about feature in your home. 

Lead glass lamps

Enjoy the captivating beauty of lead glass inside your home or office. You have a choice of table, hanging or wall-mounted lamps.

Table lamps

Add elegance and character to any room with one of our beautifully designed table lamps.

Hanging lamps

Let us create uniquely designed lampshades, hanging or wall-mounted, for your home or office. 

Looking for an exquisite gift?

Our beautiful lead glass lamps make exquisite gifts; a lasting way to really show someone how much you care about them.

Installation of lead glass windows

We can install the lead glass windows we create if you are in the Western Cape region. If you reside further away, we can courier the completed windows to you together with full installation instructions.

Restoration of lead glass windows

We use the traditional method of doing lead work. This ensures a final product that can last for generations to come as is attested to by many beautiful churches and cathedrals around the world.

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